Lender FAQ: How do I take TSAHC's Lender Training?

Lender FAQ: How do I take TSAHC's Lender Training?

TSAHC lender training is available 24/7. You can find all modules here: https://www.tsahc.org/lenders/lender-training


Typically, Loan officers and underwriters only need to watch module I – unless their company requires them to do all of the pre-closing package uploads. Then they would be required to complete Module II as well.


Processors, closers, and shippers will normally be the ones responsible for all of the compliance processes; therefore, they need to watch modules II and III.


Once the required module(s) are finished, a certificate will be provided that should be given to your program administrator as proof of completing the mandatory training. Your administrator will provide you login credentials to the TSAHC lender portal.


To determine who your program admin is within your company, please contact TSAHC at homeownership@tsahc.org.



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