Lender Guidelines: 7.3 Electronic Submission of Required Documents

Lender Guidelines: 7.3 Electronic Submission of Required Documents

The Lender Portal allows Lenders to submit electronic documents from our list of “PDF Forms” or from your in-house loan file. Paper documents will not be accepted. All documents must be uploaded electronically through the Lender Portal.


• Under the Loan Status tab, click on the “PDF Forms” tab associated with the loan you are processing.

• Select the desired form and ensure all required fields are completed. The system will auto-fill the fields that were input at loan reservation.

• If the applicable form requires no signature, it will have an “Upload Package” button at the bottom of the document. Simply click the button after completing the form and it will automatically upload to the “eDocs” module of the Lender Portal.

• If the applicable form requires a signature, the form must be completed, printed and scanned to create a PDF document. The PDF document may then be uploaded to the system using the “eDocs” function associated with your loan under the “Loan Status” tab.

• Simply click the “eDocs” tab and follow the instructions to upload the required documents.

• Click the “Add New” button to upload a form. Click the “Click Here” button to access your computer files and select the document you wish to upload.

• The next step is to name the document you are uploading. Choose an option from the drop-down list under “Select a document from the predefined list”. The drop-down will list all of the required documents for the applicable package. If you don’t see your document on the list, use the “Enter a customized document name” field to name the document you are uploading.

• Once all required documents (from the Pre-Closing Compliance Package Checklist or the Post-Closing Compliance Package Checklist) have been uploaded to the Lender Portal, click on the “Submit” button associated with the applicable package and TSAHC will be notified that your package has been delivered.


For access to the full TSAHC DPA & MCC Guidelines, please click here.



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