Lender Guidelines: 8.3 Changes in Property Address

Lender Guidelines: 8.3 Changes in Property Address

If a borrower has a pending locked loan and changes the property he or she intends to purchase, the Lender must submit a new signed property sales agreement and a notice to TSAHC stating whether or not the mortgage amount has changed. If the change occurs after TSAHC has issued the commitment, the following documents should be revised and resubmitted through the Lender Portal to reflect the new property address and any change in mortgage amount:

a. Copy of Program Affidavit (first page amended and initialed by the Borrower)

b. Property sales contract (first and last pages and any counter offers)

Please email changes to commitmentdesk@bayviewloans.com 

For access to the full TSAHC DPA & MCC Guidelines, please click here.



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