Lender Guidelines: 9.6 Replacement MCCs

Lender Guidelines: 9.6 Replacement MCCs

Upon the satisfaction of TSAHC that an MCC has been mutilated, destroyed, lost or stolen, including the surrendering of the mutilated MCC to TSAHC, and upon receipt by TSAHC of such indemnity or security as TSAHC may require, TSAHC shall cancel the original MCC, noting in its records that such MCC was mutilated, destroyed, lost, or stolen, and issue a replacement MCC.


TSAHC shall charge the homeowner reasonable fees and expenses in connection with issuing a replacement MCC.


For an electronic copy of your MCC, please email Donnetta McGrew at dmcgrew@tsahc.org with you name and address.


For access to the full TSAHC DPA & MCC Guidelines, please click here.



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